I’m Yunyi
I translate complexity to solutions



I am a user experience designer with interaction design, research, and visual design skills. For interaction design, I am comfortable designing for complex enterprise use cases, and have interactions with users and product owners. I think through interface details to ensure an optimal experience. I make prototypes using pen & paper, InVision, and Framer. For design research: I can use appropriate research methods throughout the design cycles: from exploratory research at earlier stages, to evaluating design by doing usability testing and visual communication analysis, to making sense of qualitative and quantitative data. For visual design, I make pixel perfect mockups and assets.

I am interested in opportunities with complex problems. I drive cross-functional collaboration, and push for better design solutions.

I am currently designing enterprise software at Clari. Before that I was doing Master of Design at University of Cincinnati where I leant interaction design and service design, and design research. During my time in graduate school, I had the opportunity to work on healthcare software and cancer patient journey service design with Cincinnati Children's Hospital, in-flight experience with Boeing, and family care project with Proctor & Gamble.

Outside of work… I recently felt in love with gardening. Sugar snap peas are harvesting, and maple leaves are budding!