Selling is hard, Clari makes it easier. Clari product delivers insights to drive sales actions.

During my time at Clari, I had the opportunity to work on across the platform, both the web and mobile applications. I have nurtured a healthy working relationship with PMs and engineers.

  • Established customer-facing configuration tools. I took the design overhead and created a scalable framework. This effective framework allowed admin area to grow to 6 function areas, and saved time for designers.

  • Continuous improvements on data tables that includes complex information and actions.

  • Drive the design style guide effort that includes retroactively documents existing design conventions, and plan for foreseeable future conventions. Collaborate with engineers to walk those conventions for ongoing projects and other components.

  • Ownership. When I collaborate with the team, I help push projects forward with all possible ways. I work closely with engineers for implementation as I think design is as good as they are implemented.

Unfortunately, I am unable to share more, but I would love to talk about my experience at Clari over the phone or in person.

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