Q for Queue - Data Visualization Workshop with YAAY

In this physical data visualization, I am exploring the concept of QUEUE within the campus territory, as both physical and conceptual campus.

We queue everyday, everywhere. We queue for food stand; queue for bathroom; queue for things to happen. I use the post-its as vehicle to explore the to-dos for each person, that is, what is the queue inside you. I am interested in understanding how different people prioritize their life against my current overwhelmingness of life.

Eight DAAP students are interviewed with the question “What are the top 3 on your to-do list within physical and conceptual campus, and how long do you want to achieve it”. The final installation tells the story of six partici- pants. Each sequence of post-its represents the target length for which the goal is planned to be accomplished. And four different types of answers are coded by colors.

As audience start to understand the visual clues of the visualization, they also start to create their own queues. 


Workshop Brief:

Territories tell their own stories, but for each listener those stories are different. The same clear facts are often observed and interpreted differently. Designers have the responsibility and expertise to hear those stories, and assist others in under- standing them.

This workshop asks students to create visual narratives based on facts and data about territories. Students will work in groups to create a narrative exploration in the
form of data visualization. They will investigate new possibilities of data storytelling through different mediums to reveal information and create insight into the concept of territory. 

The body of work from the whole workshop forms the lexicon "territory".